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An easy mistake to make when selecting a piece counting scale is to specify the machine according to its capacity. If you need to have a container full of items weighing 25 kg in total, it is not enough for a precise count, just use a 30 kg capacity scale. If your items weigh How accurate is the scale of the parties?
gh 10 g each evenly, you will usually have no problems, but if you weigh only 1 g or less, your accuracy is likely to be compromised. Understanding why this is the case will help you buy the best machine for your accuracy and, hopefully, change the emphasis on thought accuracy instead of capacity.

 Digital Counting Scale

How does a counting machine work?

Like any other scale, a load cell measures the variation of the electrical resistance present, in proportion to the load applied to it. High precision counting scales can divide this electrical signal into smaller parts called “resolution” compared to less precise machines. Although the scale can show 30 kg in increments of 1 g (a screen resolution of 30,000) it is the internal resolution that gives precision when counting, since it will be able to sample with greater precision an initial weight to give an average weight more Exact The high precision scales will have an internal resolution (not shown) of 1 million parts or more, which will allow a very accurate count of the pieces weighing 1 g.

Basic Counting Scale

What is the effect on my scale of counting parts of the piece’s weight variability?

Most of the items you would like to have have an inherent variability from one part to another, whether coins, bank notes, electronic components, screws, plastic moldings or any other mass component. The level and nature of this deviation from the weight of the “average” piece will determine the accuracy of the counting operation. To establish it, it is advisable to take a random sample of each item to count and perform weight checks of the sample on a precision scale. For example, if the pieces are screws and nuts that weigh around 10 g, take sample weights on a scale with a resolution of 0.01 g. This will allow to calculate a standard deviation of the average weight and, therefore, a tolerable error for the count.

Counting Scale

It is rare for a counting scale to be defective, but simply that the variation in weight will be large enough to affect the counting result. However, in most cases, the speed and accuracy of the count are usually high enough to compensate for the slow processing time and the inevitable errors involved in manual part counting. This is what generally drives companies to buy spare parts to save time and money with inventory management.


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