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Omron HBF 400 Body Fat ScaleOutstandingĀ  Features.

  • Large digital display for easy reading.
  • Provide accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage and body mass index in a few seconds.
  • Supports up to four personal profiles so that your family members each.
  • Function, the memory of the last measurement taken for each personal code.
  • Support weight up to 330 pounds, the energy 4AA batteries and 1 year warranty.

Omron HBF 400 Body Fat Monitor Scale

Omron HBF 400Omron HBF 400 Body Fat Monitor Scale was designed as a complete way to monitor your weight loss goals quickly.
Omron HBF – 400 with a large modern and easy to clean and easy-to-read screen. Show your body weight, percent fat and BMI (body mass index).
Omron HBF 400 can analyze the internal organs, fat, muscle, skeletal, and your metabolism. It is accurate, easy to use and packed with performance and features for Digital Body Fat Scale.

Some of Customer Reviews.

“Work as an ad. See the same pattern of medical offices. Easy to use, easy to read.”

“Weighing accuracy and calculate body fat as a little button that awkward to press with your foot.”

“I have used my Omron HBF 400 for 3 weeks now and this is the happiness I have ever had.”

“Works great but a few quirks. I’ve had this for over a year and it function well as long as you are not active on the carpet.”

“If we have to weigh ourselves at least it should be painless as possible. To use this scale to be interesting and easy to clear.”

“Statistics that are easy to install and use. But it works out about a month after I bought it.”

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