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Taylor Precision Electronic Lithium Scale is Stainless Steel for heavy duty applications. By exceeding the weight standards of most scales, Taylor Lithium Scale can accurately display weights of up to 400 pounds. That’s 100 pounds more than the average bathroom scale.

This scale is equipped with a slim profile and an extra large cover. This makes Taylor Lithium Scale less likely to provide inaccurate weight information to someone who tends to change weight a lot while in the balance. It weighs accurately when placed on a hard surface, such as tiles or hardwood floors.

Taylor Lithium Scale

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Being so thin, Taylor Lithium Scale is easy to store. It slides easily under most furniture or can even be stored in a large drawer. Taylor Lithium Scale is elegant and eye-catching, so you probably will not regret having it visibly placed in your bathroom.

This scale comes with a large 1.6″ AcuuGlo Blue Backlit LCD screen for easy reading, and will keep you measuring the weight for several seconds after you exit the scale, a scale on which you will not have to worry about ventral blindness.

Taylor Stainless Steel Electronic Lithium Scale

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Evaluations of this scale were favorable based on more than 233 reviews taken by Taylor Lithium Scale has been recommended as a gift. And, above all, it has an incredibly reasonable price.

Other product specifications include:
Large 11.75-inch square platform.
Weighs up to 400 pounds (180 kg)
Displays the weight in increments of 2 pounds (0.1 kg) for an accurate reading.
It has an automatic shut down function
Includes 2 CR2032 lithium batteries

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